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Senate Republicans pose questions on controversial school construction program
February 1, 2023
Sen. Somers: An untapped idea to help ease Connecticut’s housing crunch
January 30, 2023
Sen. Somers proposes legislation to protect residents from mold
January 30, 2023
State says typo led to murder suspect’s release from commitment
January 24, 2023
Sen. Somers and The Day shines spotlight on housing mold issues
January 23, 2023
Sen. Somers: “Clearly there is an issue and safeguards need to be in place.”
January 23, 2023
Sen. Somers: “We have great momentum” on CT tourism
January 23, 2023
Sen. Somers Seeks Legislative Reforms to Address N. Stonington Murder Case Questions
January 23, 2023
(Watch) Sen Somers speaks about the “aid in dying” bill
January 18, 2023
Sen. Heather Somers named a “Chief Deputy Leader”
January 10, 2023