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Sen. Somers commends “cutting edge” Groton school on national honor
September 19, 2023
(Watch) Sen. Somers on NBC CT’s “Face the Facts” discusses the opioid crisis
August 28, 2023
(photo) Sen. Somers Applauds Mental Health $$ for Groton, N. Stonington, Plainfield, Sterling School Districts
August 16, 2023
Sen. Somers: Opill must be affordable and accessible
August 10, 2023
Sen. Somers Names Jeanne Milstein to Key Youth Mental Health Panel
August 5, 2023
Sen. Somers: CT taxpayers “keep getting footed with the mounting bills.”
August 4, 2023
Sen. Somers on CT Port Authority: “…like ‘Groundhog Day’”
August 4, 2023
Sen. Somers: $$ for school mental health specialists will benefit eastern CT students
August 4, 2023
Sen. Somers statement on CT Port Authority audit
August 4, 2023
Sen. Somers: Groton apartments are “just what people are looking for.”
August 3, 2023