Sen. Seminara applauds inclusive, bipartisan “expectant mothers” legislation

April 5, 2024

Sen. Lisa Seminara today issued the following statement regarding the Appropriations Committee’s Apr. 4 bipartisan vote to use the inclusive term “expectant mothers” in state law. The vote was on an amendment to overall legislation which passed overwhelmingly that concerned funding for mental health services for children and their caregivers.

“I commend Rep. Robyn Porter (D-New Haven) for her courage and brilliance in explaining her reasoning for this added language. She spoke in personal terms about family and culture and logically noted that many women identify as and wish to be called ‘mothers’. Her proposal is additive by including ‘expectant mothers’, while not removing or excluding anyone who was previously covered by this law. As a mother, I have struggled with the recent efforts towards gender neutralisation in our laws that remove references to motherhood. All too often, efforts to be inclusive can end up excluding an expansive group of people. I feel Rep. Porter has crystallized and articulated that struggle while providing a roadmap for how we can move forward in a way that respects all viewpoints. I thank her for having the courage to lead on this important and commonsense subject.”

The legislation now awaits a vote in the House of Representatives.