Lawmakers applaud committee’s passage of “Broko’s Bill”

March 19, 2024

For Immediate Release

Lawmakers applaud unanimous committee passage of ‘Broko’s bill’ to support cities and towns with K9 officers

Senator Heather Somers (R-Groton), Representative Greg Howard (R-Stonington), and Sen. Paul Cicarella (R-North Haven) today applauded the Public Safety and Security Committee’s unanimous passage of S.B. 339, also known as “Broko’s Bill.”

This legislation ensures restitution is provided to municipalities that train K-9 officers, instead of the funds being directed to the courts, in the unfortunate event of injury or death to a police animal or a dog in a volunteer canine search and rescue team.

The inspiration behind this bill stems from a tragic incident that occurred late last year in Pawcatuck, where a Connecticut State Police dog named Broko lost his life while serving in the line of duty. Broko’s heroic act of saving his partner’s life highlighted the importance of protecting these brave animals and the need for legislation to support their well-being.

Senator Somers said, “Broko’s sacrifice reminded us of the unwavering loyalty and selflessness of our police animals. We must ensure that they are protected and provided for. The introduction of ‘Broko’s Bill’ aims to honor his memory and ensure that restitution is directed back to the municipalities that have invested time and resources in training these exceptional K-9 officers.  We thank the committee for its unanimous support.”

Representative Howard, House Ranking Member of the Public Safety and Security Committee, stated, “Broko’s tragic death is a stark reminder of the risks our officers face daily. We must stand united in supporting both our human and animal officers who are trained to protect us. This bill is a crucial step towards maintaining public safety amidst ongoing public unrest.”

Sen. Cicarella, Senate Ranking Member of the Public Safety and Security Committee, stressed the urgent need for enhanced protections for law enforcement officers and residents across Connecticut. “We must prioritize the safety of our law enforcement officers and the communities they serve. ‘Broko’s Bill’ addresses this need head-on by supporting those who put their lives on the line daily.”

Senate and House Republicans remain committed to ensuring the passage of this legislation and other policies, raising awareness about the importance of supporting law enforcement officers.