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Sen. Somers, Mayor Hedrick Applaud Passage of State $ to Replace Shore Avenue Seawall in Groton
May 26, 2022
Sen. Somers Takes Aim at CT’s ‘Disjointed’ Mental Health Services
January 26, 2022
Sen. Somers wants a study on social media impact on kids
January 26, 2022
CT Dental Hygienists Honor Sen. Heather Somers
December 24, 2021
Sen. Somers Earns 100% Perfect Score from CT’s Leading Business Association
September 23, 2021
(photo) Sen. Somers Honored for Advocacy on Behalf of Senior Housing and Healthcare
September 15, 2021
Sen. Somers: New CT law will better protect elderly nursing home residents
July 27, 2021
Somers, Senate Republicans Seek to Safeguard Opioid Settlement Funds
July 23, 2021
Sen. Somers: Legislation to Expand CT Telehealth Services Will Improve Patient Access to Care
May 7, 2021
Sen. Somers Applauds Passage of Data Center Jobs Legislation
March 2, 2021