Senate GOP lawmakers on CT Medicaid program: “Budgets are about priorities.”

February 20, 2024

For Immediate Release

Senate Republican Leader Stephen Harding, Sen. Lisa Seminara, Ranking Senator on the Human Services Committee, and Sen. Heather Somers, Ranking Senator on the Public Health Committee issued the following statement regarding a report released by the Department of Social Services which shows that Connecticut’s Medicaid program pays providers less for specialist physician and behavioral health services compared to peer states.

“Budgets are about priorities. We know that health care providers say low reimbursement rates create barriers to access for low-income residents. We know the need is great, and it continues to grow, especially in the area of behavioral health with children. Financial pressures are mounting for nonprofits and their staff. But budgets haven’t increased at the same rate that the need has increased. A bipartisan budget discussion must occur, and Republicans look forward to leading that conversation.”