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The CARES Act Passed, What Do I Do Now?
April 3, 2020
CARES Act Summary & FAQs
March 30, 2020
I OPPOSE the proposed 35 % excise tax on ammunition.
March 6, 2020
(Watch) Celebrating the Enfield Rotary on “Senator Kissel & Friends” !
February 11, 2020
Sen. Kissel Backs Proposal to Increase Transparency, Oversight of State Quasi-Publics
February 11, 2020
(WATCH) You Can Help Spread Joy Throughout North Central CT!
December 11, 2019
Sen. Kissel Applauds Approval of State Grant to Renovate John F. Kennedy Middle School in Enfield
July 22, 2019
Senator John Kissel Remarks Concerning the 2020-’21 State Budget
June 4, 2019
Capitol Update: With this TRUST Act Expansion, Connecticut will be a ‘Super-Sanctuary’ State
June 3, 2019
(WATCH) Senator Kissel Speaks on the Senate Floor on Car Theft, Unlawful Imagine Dissemination on March 9th
May 10, 2019