Senate GOP lawmakers raise ?’s about illegal school bus passings report

February 21, 2024
For Immediate Release

Senate Republican Leader Stephen Harding, Sen. John A. Kissel, Ranking Senator on the Judiciary Committee, and Sen. Paul Cicarella, Ranking Senator on the Public Safety and Security Committee today issued the following statement regarding a recent report which highlights how nearly 10,000 drivers illegally passed a stopped school bus during the first six months of the school year in Bridgeport.
“This statistic is stunning and highly concerning. We believe we can prevent future senseless tragedies if we conduct an assessment of our laws in this area.
  • Should criminal penalties be strengthened?
  • Should an awareness campaign be conducted to deter this illegal conduct?
  • Should bus signaling be reviewed?
We all want to create a safer Connecticut.  We are interested in – and value – expert opinions on this important children’s public safety issue.”
The lawmakers have written to the commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Emergency Management and Public Protection to request an advisory opinion in response to their questions.