(Watch) An inspiring episode of “Senator Kissel & Friends

January 31, 2024

In the latest edition of “Senator Kissel & Friends”, I was joined by some very inspiring guests from north-central Connecticut.


***Watch it here!***


First, we spotlight some amazing work being done by the folks at Allied Community Programs who are providing area residents with disabilities the opportunity to enjoy independent, fulfilling and productive lives. Thank you to Executive Director Beth Suleski, Deputy Executive Director Melissa Trzepacz, and Director of Day Support Options Billie-Jean Griffin for joining me!

Next, we highlight the efforts of a Suffield mother and her daughter who are raising awareness about little known disorders called “PANDAS” and “PANS”. Thank you to Jordyn Woodbury and Carrie Woodbury for sharing your family story! The Woodburys were instrumental in getting Oct. 9 declared “PANS/PANDAS Awareness Day” in the State of Connecticut.

Do you have ideas for future guests on “Senator Kissel & Friends” who are making a positive difference in north-central Connecticut. Contact me!

In the meantime, enjoy the show!