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Democrats’ Obsession with Tolls Ignores Viable Alternatives
August 1, 2018
Are You Against Tolls? Malloy Called You a Know-Nothing
July 27, 2018
Senator Boucher Achieves 100% Senate Voting Record
July 24, 2018
Senator Boucher Calls Malloy’s $10 Million Toll Study an Unaffordable Parting Gift State Taxpayers Don’t Want or Need
July 18, 2018
Senator Boucher Says Failure to Override Vetoes a Sad Reflection of Partisanship
June 27, 2018
Veto Session Fails Connecticut Economic Recovery, Continues Hartford’s Fiscal Folly
June 26, 2018
Senators Boucher, Hwang Urge Schools, Parents, and Communities to Fight Anti-Semitism, Racism
June 5, 2018
Sen. Boucher Declares Victory for Commuters after Proposed Fare Increases and Schedule Reductions Cancelled
May 17, 2018
Republican Proposals Become Foundation of Compromise Budget Passed in Session’s Final Hours
May 10, 2018
Sen. Boucher’s Statement on Passage of Holocaust Education Bill
May 7, 2018