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Kevin Kelly updates Paul Pacelli on Democrats Weaponizing Health Care
July 16, 2019
Sen. Kelly Helps Seniors Learn the Warning Signs of Financial Elder Abuse
July 15, 2019
State Lawmakers Applaud Sikorsky Groundbreaking on Route 110 Realignment
July 11, 2019
Connecticut Fumbles its Priorities
July 9, 2019
Sen. Kelly’s Weekly WICC Update: “Fool’s Gold” – Update on the governor’s toll plans
June 24, 2019
Sen. Kelly updates WICC’s Paul Pacelli on the $450,000,000 hole in the CT budget bill
June 19, 2019
Connecticut Open House Day – Local Events
June 8, 2019
Sen. Kelly Votes Against Tax Increases on Working Families & Middle Class
June 4, 2019
State Budget Senate Debate – Sen. Kelly Remarks
June 4, 2019
Sen. Kelly and Local AARP Volunteers Meet at the Capitol
May 31, 2019