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Sen. Kelly Statement on Gov. Lamont’s $10,000 Business Fines for Violating State COVID-19 Rules
November 25, 2020
CT Republicans will not stop fighting to protect struggling middle-class families. [Audio]
November 24, 2020
Incoming Republican Senate Leader Kevin Kelly: The FCBJ Interview
November 23, 2020
NBC Face the Facts: New Republican Leader Discusses Priorities for Next Session
November 23, 2020
Better options than a ‘public option’ for health care
November 22, 2020
Kelly, Formica Statement on CT’s Annual Fiscal Accountability Report
November 20, 2020
“Where are the numbers?” GOP Leaders Question if New State Payroll Tax Can Deliver on its Promises
November 20, 2020
Kelly: Democrat Priority Bills Include Job Killing Proposals
November 19, 2020
Kelly on Lamont Executive Powers: Government shouldn’t be run based on one person’s perspective.
November 19, 2020
“The public option could hurt the very people it is supposed to help” [WATR]
November 18, 2020