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CT GOP Senators on passing of Henry Kissinger
November 30, 2023
CT Senate GOP on Regs Panel: “Common sense has prevailed.”
November 28, 2023
Sen. Kelly: Potential special session is “déjà vu all over again.”
November 24, 2023
Sen. Kelly statement on OPM/OFA Fiscal Accountability Reports: “The guardrails are working.”
November 20, 2023
CT Senate GOP Unveils Clean Air & Transportation Policy Plan
November 15, 2023
Sen. Kelly statement on Bridgeport temporary election monitor
November 3, 2023
Sen. Kelly: Bport judge “saw what the rest of us saw on the videos”: ‘Shocking ballot harvesting’
November 1, 2023
(photo) Sen. Kelly Scores 91 % on CT Environmental Voting Scorecard
October 30, 2023
Sen. Kelly: Will CT Democrats heed Congressman’s advice on $$ for heating assistance?
October 26, 2023
Sen. Kelly on Bport elections monitor: More holistic fixes are required
October 26, 2023