(photo) Sen. Hwang reacts to CTDOT traffic enforcement guidance to municipalities

January 2, 2024

For Immediate Release

Sen. Tony Hwang, ranking Senator on the Connecticut General Assembly’s Transportation Committee, issued the following statement regarding CTDOT’s Jan. 2 release of automated traffic enforcement safety guidance for municipalities.

“The new and bipartisan ‘Vision Zero’ law is about preventing avoidable tragedies. It will help make our roads safer for pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users, motorists and passengers. It was important for us as lawmakers to give each municipality the option to implement the program. That option respects local governance while working toward ‘Vision Zero’ auto, biking and pedestrian traffic safety. I believe this new law will reduce the incidence of traffic-related fatalities and save lives.”

Municipalities are now being provided with the permissive option of using speed and red light cameras in high-risk areas like school and pedestrian safety zones. The policy is optional and can only be implemented with the approval of local governmental entities and with strict adherence to safeguards respecting privacy and security.

Attached photo:  Sen. Tony Hwang is the Ranking Senator on the legislature’s Transportation Committee. He represents Bethel, Easton, Fairfield/Southport, and Newtown/Sandy Hook.