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(Watch): A “very busy day” at the CT Capitol!
January 26, 2023
“We need to understand that mental health is part of health and wellbeing.”
January 26, 2023
(Watch) Sen. Hwang: “Trust was betrayed” at Newtown nursing home
January 20, 2023
“We love our small towns.”
January 13, 2023
Sen. Tony Hwang Receives “Town Crier” Award for His Advocacy of CT’s Small Communities
January 12, 2023
Sen. Hwang: “One size fits all does not work.”
January 11, 2023
“It’s an honor and a privilege.” Sen. Hwang updates Melissa from WICC on the ’23 legislative session.
January 10, 2023
(Op-Ed) A New Year’s Resolution: Make Meaningful Energy Utility Cost Reforms
January 9, 2023
Sen. Hwang Again Urges Rejection of Aquarion Water’s 27 % Rate Request
January 9, 2023
(Listen) Sen. Hwang discusses CT Senate GOP solutions for a safer and more affordable CT.
December 20, 2022