Sen. Hwang: CT Transportation Bond Rating Upgrade “sends a clear message”

October 3, 2023


Sen. Tony Hwang, Ranking Senator on the Transportation Committee and Ranking Member of the Bonding Subcommittee of the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee, today issued the following statement in reaction to the announcement that Kroll Bond Rating Agency has upgraded the credit rating of Connecticut’s transportation bonds from AA+ to AAA.


“This upgrade sends a clear message. Here in Connecticut, we have an opportunity to step up our transportation infrastructure investments, which provide the highest return on investment for any government spending. We must continue to expand the skilled-labor employment pipeline from technical high schools to this vital industry. We must get more projects up and running and ‘shovel-ready.’ Let’s put the construction industry to work and grow our economy. As we recommit ourselves to investments in transportation and mass transit, we must also be consistent throughout our state government by remaining committed to reducing air pollution in order to combat climate change.”