Sen. Hwang: Rx drug card program is positive news, but “much more work to do”

September 14, 2023

For Immediate Release:

Sen. Tony Hwang, Ranking Senator on the Insurance and Real Estate Committee, today issued the following statement in reaction to the announcement that a prescription drug discount card program will launch in Connecticut on Oct. 2, enabling all residents of the state to receive savings on certain prescription drugs.

“The cost of health care is unaffordable in Connecticut. Family budgets are breaking, and people are living paycheck to paycheck as they have difficulty making hard choices on paying for healthcare instead of rent, mortgage and groceries. The Lamont administration just approved yet another near-double-digit health insurance rate hike. Addressing escalating prescription drug costs is crucial, especially since prescription drug costs rose between 11 and 19 % last year alone. I was an enthusiastic supporter of creating this prescription drug discount card program. We do, however, have much more work to do in this area if we ever hope to rein in these unsustainable increases. Senate Republicans continue to offer solutions to lower the cost of health care for working and middle class families, and we hope the majority will join us in passing our ideas. There is a Better Way to Affordable Health Care. Read our plan here.”