April 18, 2023

State Representative Gale Mastrofrancesco (R-Wolcott) and State Sen. Rob Sampson (R-Wolcott) issued the following statement in connection with the installation of a machine that dispenses menstrual products inside a boys’ bathroom within the Wolcott School District.

The installation of the machines was mandated by state law as part of Public Act 22-118, which went into effect last year. The more than 700-page document is also known as the budget implementer.


The relevant section within the document states:  “On and after September 1, 2023, each local and regional board of education shall provide free menstrual products, as defined in section 18-69e of the general statutes, in women’s restrooms, all-gender restrooms and at least one men’s restroom, which restrooms are accessible to students in grades three to twelve, inclusive, in each school under the jurisdiction of such boards and in a manner that does not stigmatize any student seeking such products, pursuant to guidelines established by the Commissioner of Public Health under section 89 of this act.” Both Sen. Sampson and Rep. Mastrofrancesco voted no to the bill, which was passed by majority Democrats in the House and Senate.


Sen. Sampson said: “If you’re hearing the news of menstrual product dispensers being installed in boys’ bathrooms in Wolcott Public Schools, and schools across the state, for the first time, you should know exactly who is responsible. The responsibility does not lie with your local school district or local board of education members. This action is a direct result of legislation that was adopted and enacted at the state capitol in 2022. It is just one of many ridiculous policy provisions contained in a large document known colloquially as the budget ‘implementer bill.’ Plain and simple, it is typically the final bill hurriedly passed during a session in the eleventh-hour, where legislators have little time to review the sprawling document.”


He continued: “Every Democrat lawmaker in both the House and the Senate voted ‘yes’ and (nearly) all Republican lawmakers in both chambers opposed.


“For those in Wolcott in particular, please know that State Rep. Gale Mastrofrancesco and I have been the most outspoken opponents of this type of ‘woke’ nonsense making its way into our state laws, culture, and ultimately our schools. I am obviously annoyed and angry about this, but I am also thrilled to see many of my neighbors becoming more aware of just how unhinged our state government has become under the extreme progressive Democrat majority that continues to harm our state. Rep. Mastrofrancesco and I are focused on Connecticut’s economic prosperity and restoring our broken criminal justice system. The majority seems far more interested in promoting their far-left equity agenda, spending and taxing us into submission, and undermining local police. It’s time that everyone who is tired of this nonsense to speak up and say enough is enough.”


Rep. Gale Mastrofrancesco said:


“Why is the state forcing schools to install these machines? Because this is just another attempt to push a progressive ideology that neither I, nor many parents within the District, agree with. There are biological boys and biological females. Offering female products to young boys, is ridiculous, and only causes confusion at a young age. We’re talking about grammar school students and what the state should be worried about is teaching reading, writing, science and math. Keep in mind, this is not a result of a decision by the local Board of Education, it was dreamt up by progressive legislators in Hartford. Sen. Sampson and I voted no to the bill and will continue to stand against this ideology in all its forms.”