Sen. Rob Sampson Demands Clarity on Early Voting Policy

May 27, 2021

HARTFORD – State Senator Rob Sampson (R-Wolcott) today reiterated the Republican position on House Joint Resolution 59 which would amend the state Constitution to allow for an unclear and open ended early voting process.


“As I began my remarks on the floor today, I reminded my fellow senators, the press and all those listening that I have always been in favor of expanding voter access. I would be very happy to support an early voting law in Connecticut, however it must be more clearly articulated. The bill passed today fails even to specify a number of days for early voting ahead of Election Day. Is it three? Ten? Or Two Hundred? Your guess is as good as mine.


“The holes in the process to establish early voting are so apparent that the Senate Democrats relied on a procedural play to block the votes on the three common-sense amendments I was offering. Despite their huge majority and their ability to win every vote effortlessly, they chose to truncate the discussion so their plan’s shortcomings would not be laid bare on the public record.


“The Senate Democrats describe the upcoming ballot question as ‘simplistic,’ however I would characterize it as ‘vague.’ There is still no explanation of what ‘early voting’ truly means. It is as about as clear as someone offering people “free lunch,” but does not give you any details about what lunch is, where it came from or when it was made.


“Bottom line, Republicans are open to expanded voter access, including EV, as long as the integrity of the vote is protected ad the policy is clear. Unlike this fair-weather policy that can be altered on the majority’s whim.


“Any time an election bill is passed along a party line vote, the electorate should take notice and be concerned. We will see what the voters decide when provided the ballot question in November of 2022, and in the meantime, I am determined to preserve clear, consistent and fair election laws.”


Sen. Rob Sampson represents the 16th District in the State Senate which includes Cheshire, Prospect, Southington, Waterbury and Wolcott. Sampson is the Ranking Leader of the Government Administration and Elections Committee.