Senator Hwang Appointed to 2021/2022 CT General Assembly Legislative Committee Leadership Roles

December 14, 2020

HARTFORD – State Senator Tony Hwang (R-28) after winning re-election to his 4th term as state senator was given his Connecticut General Assembly legislative committee assignments for the 2021/2022 legislative sessions scheduled to start in January 2021. Sen. Hwang has been named by the Senate Republican leader-elect Kevin Kelly to become the Senate Republican minority leader on the Public Health, Insurance and Real Estate and the Planning and Development Committees. Additionally, he will serve as a member on the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee


Senate Republican Leader-elect Kevin Kelly on Senator Hwang’s Committee appointments said, “I have put my trust and confidence in Senator Tony Hwang to serve as a voice and advocate on some of the state’s most challenging and demanding issues as we head into the next legislative session. The state is in good hands with Senator Hwang’s leadership in the critical areas of protecting public health, fighting for affordable and accessible health coverage, and leading important conversations on land use and zoning laws. I thank Senator Hwang for taking on these important matters in his role as Ranking Member on the Public Health, Insurance and Real Estate, and the Planning and Development Committees.”


Senator Hwang offers the following statement on his assignments:

“This upcoming CT General Assembly session will be a pivotal one for public policies affecting residents of Connecticut. I am prepared and ready to engage Governor Lamont’s administration and Democratic committee chairs of their respective committees in constructive dialogue and bring every voice and perspective into the discussion. I have demonstrated experience in this exact role throughout my tenure in the legislature and I am excited to continue these efforts to make sure we come out of the current Covid-19 pandemic safer, more responsive and better prepared for any future challenges we may face.


I am honored to be the Republican leader on a number of impactful committees that will be spotlighted as we continue to navigate the difficult health and economic struggles caused by Covid-19. These are incredibly challenging times and I pledge to represent every voice and perspective on these important subjects to the best of my ability.


This upcoming year’s legislative session, more than ever, must be focused on solutions instead of partisanship. I will push to move away from one party rule policies that are unsustainable and unproductive when working toward a better future for Connecticut.  


As the ranking senator on the Public Health committee, I will have a front row seat on the policies crafted to sustain a safe state moving forward from this pandemic, including the distribution of a safe and effective vaccine. Additionally, I will have the distinct honor of being a member of the body that determines the state’s public health emergency status and re-considers and/or evaluates the Governor’s executive powers we have experienced over the past year. I pledge to help move Gov. Lamont away from the executive order powers and instead toward a better balance between intervention versus interference when handling a state lockdown or reopening processes. It is paramount that government decisions be made based on medical facts and data.


Senate Republican Leader-elect Kevin Kelly has entrusted me with the matters which have been the primary focus of his legislative career by naming me the next ranking senator on the Insurance and Real Estate committee. I will continue his hard work sifting through proposals and providing viable alternatives to measures such as the affordable health insurance option. There are better ways to address the shortcomings of health insurance in Connecticut while still managing costs. Also, my professional experience in real estate will enable me to have a well-rounded perspective on policies that will impact landlords and tenants.


On the Planning and Development Committee (P&D), I look forward to serving in a minority party leadership role so I can provide a much-needed check and balance when it comes to issues of municipal support and possible regionalization. In matters of land use and zoning legislation, collaboration and respect are essential.  As the ranking leader, I will make sure that local leader input is sought out and thoughtfully considered when dealing with matters including housing, sewer, planning and zoning; regional planning and economic development programs. The P&D Committee will also be called upon should the public utilities be broken up and towns left to acquire and provide electricity to residents. 


As a member of the Finance, Revenue and Bonding committee, I will have a role in addressing the continual fiscal crisis facing Connecticut, which began long before the Covid pandemic. The fiscal crisis involves the CT state budget deficit and the escalating pension and borrowing liabilities that will affect our state government’s ability to address critical needs statewide. I will do my due diligence to serve as a fiscal watchdog for bonding allocation, pension liabilities, taxation and management of the rainy day fund, while ensuring critical services to protect our most vulnerable population and provide infrastructure maintenance and improvements.


Senator Tony Hwang as Deputy Senate Republican Leader is currently the ranking leader on the Public Safety and Security, Higher Education and Employment and Housing Committees. Hwang is also a member of the Transportation Committee.  Hwang also serves as the co-chair of the bipartisan BioScience Caucus. 


Hwang was appointed to Governor Lamont’s Workforce Council on recommendations for supporting economic development. Hwang is a member of Connecticut’s Commission on Women, Children and Seniors (CWCS) 2Gen Advisory Council addressing intergenerational poverty.