SURVEY: Penfield Lighthouse Columbarium

March 4, 2020

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As the State Senator for Fairfield, it is my job to keep you informed on the issues that are impacting you and/or our community.

The Penfield Lighthouse is located on federal property and is, to this day, a functioning lighthouse used by the United States Coast Guard. As it stands, the lighthouse imposes zero financial burden on the town of Fairfield.

The company American Castle has purchased the historic Penfield Lighthouse property and has put in a proposal to use the lighthouse as a columbarium.  A columbarium is a room or building with niches to store funeral urns containing cremated ashes. If the proposal passes, the lighthouse will be closed to all public, including the relatives of those whose remains would be preserved there.

I care about your viewpoint and I hope you can take a moment to let me know you thoughts.

(Photo Credit: CT Post)