A Look Back at 2019: Annual Legislative Update.

December 30, 2019

Thank you for the opportunity to serve our community and bring your voice to the State Capitol.

As we approach the end of 2019, below is a summary of major new laws that were passed this year in Connecticut, as well as a summary of potentially harmful legislation I worked hard to stop.

I hope this is a helpful way to learn about what was discussed and approved in Hartford this year.

If you have questions about these bills or ideas about any other state issue please feel free to contact my office at [email protected] or call 800-842-1421.



Representing the 16th District with clarity and integrity.

Crime and the Rule of Law 

A priority of state government is reducing crime and preserving the rule of law. As a result of a surge in juvenile car thefts, Senator Sampson sponsored and passed legislation this session, PA 19-110, to increase enforcement of juvenile offenders while maintaining appropriate diversionary programs. He continues to lead the fight to get illegal guns and gangs off our streets by offering legislation and amendments challenging the state’s misguided gun control agenda. He continues to advocate to reverse dangerous policies passed under the prior administration, including the Risk Reduction Credit a.k.a. Early Prison Release Program.



Senator Sampson was proud to join students fighting for free speech on college campuses.


Protecting Our Rights 

Senator Sampson is widely known as the staunchest defender of our constitutionally protected natural rights in the Connecticut legislature. This past session, he helped defeat bills that would have limited our First, Second and Fourth Amendment protections. His focus is on protecting the core principles of America envisioned by the founding fathers, where all people, regardless of race or creed, are equal in the eyes of the law, and everyone has equal rights and opportunity for life, liberty, and their own pursuit of the American Dream. Senator Sampson teaches these principles and defends them every day, fighting for free speech on college campuses, defending the Second Amendment, and standing up for due process and the principle that in America, we are innocent until proven guilty.


Sen. Sampson with Rep. Fusco and Rep. Mastrofrancesco at a town hall meeting in Southington.


Immigration vs Illegal Immigration

There is a difference between legal immigration and illegal immigration. Crime aside, illegal immigration burdens systems that support all residents: police, schools, fire and social services. Senator Sampson has taken a stand against incentives that encourage illegal immigration including sanctuary policies, driver’s licenses, tuition discounts, and entitlements. He believes these policies actually limit lawful immigration.

There is also a difference between illegal immigrants and illegal immigrants who are criminals. Protecting our towns and cities from criminals should be a top priority for Connecticut lawmakers. Sadly, this past year, the majority passed a new law that adds protections for undocumented immigrants that have criminal records, are on the terrorist watch list, or are known gang members. This may be the most damaging law passed this past session. Senator Sampson has vowed to work to reverse it.



Supporting Responsible Budgeting and Opposing Tolls

Senator Sampson led the opposition to the state budget this past June. This budget package included nearly $1 billion in new spending and taxes, including new tax hikes on plastic bags, groceries, safety items, car trade-ins and more. He continues to advocate for responsible budgeting, shrinking government, reducing state spending and taxes, fighting waste and fraud, eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy and regulation, and using technology to improve services and cut costs. He is an outspoken opponent of highway tolls and wants to see improvements to transportation infrastructure paid for with existing revenues.


Sen. Sampson and Rep. Mastrofrancesco protesting tolls.


Protecting Seniors 

Senator Sampson has always fought for the needs of seniors, opposing all taxes and those that impact people on fixed incomes, especially. In recent years, he has passed legislation to reduce prescription drug costs, help senior centers, block annoying robocalls, and expand Alzheimer’s programs. This year, he helped prevent Governor Lamont’s attempt to eliminate the phase-out of the personal income tax on pensions and annuity income on seniors passed in 2017. He also supported Special Act 19-18, which creates a community ombudsman program to investigate complaints concerning care received by recipients of home and community-based services to help seniors aging in place.

Fighting Anti-Business Legislation 

Senator Sampson has worked hard to pass numerous laws to improve Connecticut’s business environment, eliminating regulations, streamlining business applications, and protecting free markets from progressive government policies. He vocally opposed the ban on jobs that pay less than $15 per hour and the mandatory Paid Family Medical Leave Act payroll tax, viewing these policies as harmful to our state’s
economic recovery.

Senator Sampson stands with those fighting the scourge of Alzheimer’s.


God Bless America 

The greatest threat we face in Connecticut and across America is socialism and the loss of our core principles in public policymaking. This has eroded our culture and continues to impact education, industry, and our way of life. Senator Sampson will continue to teach and defend the principles of freedom and opportunity, limited constitutional government, and equal civil rights for all.