(Watch) Senator Hwang at Feb. 6th Transportation Committee Forum

February 8, 2019

I am excited to work with new DOT nominee Joe Giulietti, a former executive of Metro North, to foster a reinvigorated relationship between Connecticut and our MTA partners. Rail lines in Fairfield county are a part of everyday life for so many of my constituents, but have been neglected, slow and in disrepair for far too long. I am encouraged that our new Transportation Commissioner comes from such a rich background of railway management experience who understands what needs to be done to improve the safety, speed, and reliability of Connecticut’s railways.

An integral part of that renewed infrastructure is the full implementation of Positive Train Control, a mechanized system of warnings and safety nets that will significantly increase commuter safety. Metro North has been slow in both its implementation and reporting of this system it is mandated to install, and I am hoping that Acting Commissioner Giulietti can assist in pressuring Metro North to finish this decade-long process.

Take a look at the footage from the Transportation Committee hearing yesterday where I had a chance to speak on these issues.