Sen. Hwang: Trump’s statements undermine our own country’s intelligence

July 17, 2018

Statement by State Senator Tony Hwang on the statements released from the Helsinki Summit between President Trump and Russia’s Vladimir Putin:

“President Trump’s statements undermine our own country’s intelligence that Russia meddled in our elections.

Those words undermine and jeopardize our country’s election process and our stand against communism.

Simply put, Vladimir Putin’s Russia cannot and should not be trusted.

I am a child of parents who escaped from the atrocities of communism and lived under martial law.

Communism is a direct affront to America’s values of freedom, rights and democracy.

I learned from my parents to treasure and defend our rights and liberties.

Putin’s Russia does not share those values.

While I am profoundly disappointed in the President’s words, I am gratified to see leaders in both the Republican and Democratic parties denouncing what he said.

We must continue speaking with one unified voice to let the world know that Americans are not on the side of Putin’s Russia.

We must continue the fight to protect and preserve American values of rights and liberties.”