The Coalition Against Casino Expansion Speaks Out

March 15, 2018


The Coalition Against Casino Expansion Speaks Out

I was proud to join with Former CT Congressman Robert Steele today to testify at the Public Safety and Security Committee public hearing on gambling expansion.

We noted that:

  1. The Coalition Against Casino Expansion in Connecticut consists of 14 diverse faith-based, civic and other non-profit groups with over 1 million members across CT.
  2. The Coalition strongly opposes the opening of another casino in Connecticut, whether in East Windsor or Bridgeport, and supports a comprehensive social and economic impact study of gambling in Connecticut, to be conducted by independent experts with no financial ties to the gambling industry.
  3. The casinos’ studies largely ignore the heavy social and economic costs of casino gambling.
  4. Gambling addiction more than doubles within 10 miles of a casino and leads to a host of economic and social problems, including debt, bankruptcies, broken families, and crime.
  5. While the Coalition keenly recognizes Connecticut’s serious economic challenges, we do not believe that encouraging more Connecticut residents to lose their money gambling will improve the economy or the quality of life in our state. 

I thank and commend former Congressman Steele on his advocacy.

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