“Tell him he’s wrong to try to punish Fairfield.”

February 7, 2018

Sen. Hwang on Malloy’s Massive Fairfield State Aid Cut: “Tell him he’s wrong to try to punish Fairfield.”
Sen. Tony Hwang (R-Fairfield) said he will “work tirelessly and with Democrats and Republicans” to “restore Gov. Malloy’s reckless, thoughtless budget cuts” to Fairfield.

Sen. Hwang added, “We’ve been in this position before. Gov. Malloy is reaching back into his predictable playbook to ‘zero out’ Fairfield. This is an attack, make no mistake about it. Malloy, now a lame duck, tried that before, and we, the taxpayers, rose up to block him. We’ll do so again, but it will take calls and emails from Fairfield parents, students, teachers, community leaders and the business community to make it happen. Email [email protected]. Call him at 860-566-4840. Do it today.  Do it repeatedly. Tell him Sen. Hwang urged you to call him. Tell him he’s wrong to try to punish Fairfield. Copy me on your emails at [email protected]. We need to be relentless in our defense of Fairfield. Get active today and stay vocal. We can win this fight.”