(Watch) Bipartisan budget spares our towns

October 26, 2017

I have joined with Democrats and Republicans at the State Capitol to step up and lead Connecticut out of our fiscal crisis.

The bipartisan budget includes:

  • A cap on state spending
  • A cap on state bonding to reduce debt
  • A hiring freeze
  • Phases out the tax on social security income and pension income
  • Restores millions of dollars in local education funding and municipal aid
  • Municipal mandate relief to help towns and cities reduce costs and benefit local property taxpayers
  • Does not shift teacher pension costs onto towns and cities
  • No increase to the sales tax or income tax
  • No cell phone tax
  • No second home tax
  • Protects funding for day services and employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities
  • Protects funding for mental health and substance abuse treatment to fight the opioid epidemic
  • Protects funding for child care for low income families
  • Protects services for seniors including the CT Home Care Program, Meals on Wheels and non ADA dial a ride

Please watch and share my update: