Taxation Without Representation!

September 14, 2017

CT_Budget_Mitigation_Vote-3-29-16-Senator_Tony_Hwang-photo_by_Michael Cu...

Connecticut taxpayers:

Majority Democrats at the State Capitol have rendered you voiceless.

The Democrats at the State Capitol are going to approve more than a billion dollars-worth of tax hikes. (Again)

For example:

Those tax hikes include a new monthly tax on cell phonesa proposal which never received a public hearing.

What other items are buried in the budget that you had no opportunity to weigh in on?

I have no idea, because I have yet to even see a single page of the huge budget bill that I will be asked to vote on in a matter of hours.

That’s outrageous.

That’s disrespectful to you.

Call them in the morning.

Then call them next week.

And next month.

Ask them why they did this.

  • House Democrats at 860 240-8500.
  • Senate Democrats at 860 240-8600.
  • Gov. Malloy at 860 566-4840.

Show them that you do have a voice.

Light up the phones.