Union Concessions Deal – Bad for Connecticut

August 1, 2017


Approving this deal has only moved the state closer to a budget that hurts taxpayers, the middle-class and the most vulnerable – who live among us. It all but guarantees significant tax increases, deep social service cuts and more burdens for the cities and towns that I have fought so hard to protect. Now that this deal has been approved we have fewer options on the table and it will be even harder for us to provide a budget for the great people of Connecticut.

The agreement not only ties the hands of future state leaders for a decade, but it ties the hands of all of the taxpayers. It hinders progress, it hinders sustainability and it demolishes predictability, and ultimately takes away the voice of the people of Connecticut. There may be wage freezes for the first few years but after there are significant wage increases some even as high as 13 percent!

Senate Republicans have offered a different concession plan that would achieve greater savings, reduce our unfunded liabilities and create the stability our state employees who work every day deserve. This is a devastating day for our state and it is a critically sad day for the families of Connecticut, who are now required to pay for this deal.

I want to say to all of my constituents, I will continue to work for you and I will refuse to support any budget that includes tax increases. The hard-working families in my district simply cannot take on any more burdens and that is exactly what the Democrats will try to force down their throats.

If Connecticut is the Titanic, this deal allows the state employees first dibs on the lifeboats while the rest of us are left singingNearer My God to Thee, and Governor Malloy, the Captain of this sinking ship, doesn’t have the decency to go down with it.