Senator Somers Releases Statement Re: Governor’s Devastating Executive Order

August 18, 2017

HARTFORD, Conn. – Today State Senator Heather Somers (R-Groton) released the following statement regarding the governor’s revised executive order.

 “After reviewing the governor’s revised executive order I am extremely disappointed,” said Sen. Somers. “Instead of embracing a fair education funding formula – as directed by the Connecticut Superior Court – the governor has unilaterally held 30 school districts harmless while annihilating the remainder. How can I go back to my district and explain this formula, I just can’t because there is no explanation for cuts this deep.”

 Today Governor Malloy released revisions to the Executive Order Resource Allocation Plan, along with new municipal aid distributions associated with the plan. While it holds 30 Alliance District harmless, it strives to completely decimate the remainder of the state of Connecticut. Not only does the governor’s plan decimate the majority of cities and towns across the state it is also plainly illegal.

“Republicans have continued to provide solutions to our budget crisis; we have offered an ECS formula that equitably and legally distributes money and budgets that make the structural changes necessarily to enact real change,” said Sen. Somers.

Groton, specifically will receive a $17.5 million dollar cut and the school districts in Stonington will be suffering under a 100 percent cut in education funding. Additionally the town of Griswold will receive a $4 million dollar cut in education funding – a direct result of democrats not doing their jobs.

“A few weeks ago I authored an editorial which spoke to the failures of the approval of the SEBAC deal and how that deal would impact our towns and cities across the state,” said Sen. Somers. “This deal, which worked to protect union cronies and big-wigs, has already tied our hands and now the governor is looking to push these financial burdens onto our teachers and even worse, our students.

“While it is not a big shocker that our supreme leader Malloy has failed us yet again, it is certainly disappointing, and that is why I call on you my Democrat colleagues, where is your line-by-line budget? Where are your priorities? Where are your moral solutions? To that end, where are you Democrats?,” said Sen. Somers. “Nothing about these cuts is right and nothing about these cuts is fair – they are purely the result of a failed administration and a failed Democrat majority.”