Your Voices Were Heard!

July 13, 2017

Your Voices Were Heard!

 Thanks to your help, the Bypass Proposal has been DERAILED!

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The Federal Railroad Administration announced today that it is withdrawing a proposal to build a high-speed railroad through our peaceful, quiet shoreline.

The Federal Railroad Administration’s controversial proposal to construct a bypass on the Northeast Corridor rail line between Old Saybrook, Connecticut to Kenyon, Rhode Island was met with strong opposition by Connecticut lawmakers, local communities and you, the taxpayer. The FRA’s Record of Decision (ROD) for NEC FUTURE released today confirms that they will withdraw the plan for the new bypass and improve current rail lines instead.

From the start, the creation of a new bypass was met with strong opposition, withdrawing their proposal goes to show what can happen when the people of Southeastern Connecticut speak up!

Expanding capacity to our rail line is important but it should not come at the expense of our peaceful shoreline towns and the families and businesses that thrive there!

While I offer my thanks to the many lawmakers who worked on advocating against this proposal the real victory lies with you, the taxpayer.

Thank you for offering your strong opposition to this project. Thank you for advocating for our homes and businesses.

Your voices were heard!

The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) released their comprehensive plan for improvements to the Northeast Corridor rail line from Washington, D.C., to Boston, MA which is now available on the NEC FUTURE website at