Sen. Hwang, Rep. Kupchick Bring Affordable Housing Reform One Step Closer

March 8, 2017

Hwang 2017-03-07 Housing Committee new

Housing Committee Passes Improvements to 8-30g Housing Law

Housing Committee Chair Sen. Tony Hwang and Ranking Member Rep. Brenda Kupchick on Mar. 7 applauded the committee’s passage of legislation which aims to improve and update the controversial 1990 affordable housing state law known as “8-30g”.

“The time is right that we update this 27-year-old state housing law,” Sen. Hwang said. “It is time we adapt and innovate Connecticut’s housing policies to recognize a fast-changing housing landscape. Housing policy impacts so many other policies and every community. As Chairman of the Housing Committee, I take that responsibility seriously and hope to review and evaluate 8-30g in a comprehensive and transparent way. We have heard loud and clear from residents from the 28th District and throughout Connecticut that change is needed – and this legislation reflects that change.”

“I’m optimistic our efforts to reform the 8-30g statute over the last many years are seeing positive results by the passage of three bills out of the Housing Committee,” said Rep. Brenda Kupchick. “This is an important and crucial step to modifying the law. We need to make sure local zoning laws are protected and not overridden by predatory developers under the 8-30g law that hasn’t resulted in the goal of measurable increases in affordable housing.”

Rep. Kupchick and Sen. Hwang co-sponsored two major pieces of legislation that would update the 8-30g state statute: House Bill 6880 and House Bill 7057. The bills now await debate and passage in the House of Representatives.

Hwang and Kupchick on Feb. 16 participated in a wide-ranging discussion at the Legislative Office Building on “8-30g”. The forum was designed to:

  • Receive input from local zoning officials, community leaders and residents from impacted neighborhoods.
  • Boost affordable and workforce housing stock for seniors, working families, and disabled residents.
  • Develop innovative housing policies for urban, suburban and rural communities.

Hwang represents Fairfield, Newtown, Westport, Weston and Easton. He can be reached at 800-842-1421 and at [email protected] .

Kupchick represents Fairfield and Southport. She can be reached at 800-842-1423 and at [email protected] .

Attached photo: Working to Improve CT Housing Policy. Connecticut General Assembly Housing Committee Co-Chair Larry Butler, Committee Ranking Member Brenda Kupchick, and Committee Co-Chair Tony Hwang.