Fairfield Legislators Support Sikorsky Package

September 29, 2016


FAIRFIELD- State Senator Tony Hwang (R-28) along with Reps. Brenda Kupchick and Laura Devlin (R-134) supported a legislative package to keep Sikorsky in Connecticut for another 16 years and shore up thousands of jobs for the region, including over one-hundred Sikorsky employees in the town of Fairfield.

The deal gives Sikorsky $220 million in grants and tax exemptions in exchange for building 200 new Sikorsky CH-53K King Stallion heavy-lift cargo helicopters in-state. In return, Sikorsky will be required to expand their workforce to more than 8,000 workers by 2032, increase its capital spending in Connecticut by 22%, and more importantly, double their spending of $350 million per year with Connecticut-based suppliers.

According to the Fairfield legislators, the town of Fairfield has five of the Sikorsky supply-chain companies that will benefit from the CH-53K being built.

These supply-chain companies are the small- and medium-sized businesses that employ hundreds of highly skilled local residents in Fairfield.
Sen. Hwang said, “This deal will save thousands of good manufacturing jobs, keep Sikorsky in Stratford, and benefit scores of Connecticut small businesses in the vendor supply chain. However, it should also serve as a warning to every state lawmaker that the cost of doing business here is much too high. We’ve got to work to make our business climate less expensive and to make our state’s economic policies more predictable, more sustainable, and more transparent. We must get our state’s finances in order. We must lower taxes and eliminate regulations and red tape. Only then can we create the stable ecosystem that all businesses deserve.”

Rep. Devlin said, “Connecticut can NOT afford to bleed any more jobs, especially highly skilled manufacturing jobs. These Sikorsky employees and their families are part of our community and region. I proudly support keeping Sikorsky in Connecticut.”

“Costs for Sikorsky are double in Connecticut vs other states that put us in a situation that required the state to help level the playing field and keep an important company like Sikorsky. Connecticut can be a leader again if the legislature works together to address the structural changes to state government, the mounting debt and uncertainty that’s created an unattractive climate for business. This legislative action was about the saving the jobs of the men and women who work at Sikorsky and those who own and are employed at the supply chains companies across the state,” said Rep. Kupchick.