Sen. Hwang: CT Budget Instability Threatens Easton, Fairfield, Newtown, Weston, Westport

April 21, 2016


Sen. Hwang: Ongoing Budget Problems Threaten Easton, Fairfield, Newtown, Weston and Westport
“Fundamental, long-term, structural reforms” required

State Senator Tony Hwang on Apr. 20 released the following statement regarding the state budget office’s new deficit projection of $141.4 million in fiscal year ending June 30, 2016.

“This new projection should act as a flashing red neon light to the Democratic majorities in the state legislature. Our state budget problems require nothing less than fundamental, long-term, structural reforms. Our unstable state finances are damaging our already fragile social safety net. That instability now threatens our local educational systems in Easton, Fairfield, Newtown, Weston and Westport. Our priority as lawmakers must be to restore predictability, sustainability and transparency to our state’s finances. The “Band-Aid” approach is not a solution. Hoping for the best is not a strategy. Less than two weeks remain in the legislative session, and I continue to stand ready and willing to represent and work for the best long-term interest of our state.”

Sen. Hwang can be reached at [email protected] and at 800 842-1421. On the web:

(The governor’s budget office document is attached here)