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CT Dems’ Grocery Tax Still a Smoldering Mess
September 28, 2019
Republicans Try to Stop the Grocery Tax with Petition for Special Session
September 18, 2019
Republican Lawmakers Petition for Special Session to Stop Democrat Grocery Tax, Ask Democrats to Join Them
September 18, 2019
Republicans Speak Out Against New Food Taxes in Democrat Budget
September 12, 2019
The Democrat Grocery Tax is Back – Republicans Speak Out
September 12, 2019
Senate Republicans call for special session to reverse cuts to nine nursing homes, fearing closures, layoffs, displaced residents
September 6, 2019
Senate Republicans Call for Special Session to Restore Nursing Home Funds Cut by Democrat Budget
September 5, 2019
Op-ed: In Connecticut, Democrats fail the most vulnerable
August 29, 2019
Democrats’ weaponizing health care is impeding solutions [Op-Ed]
July 26, 2019
“This budget is simply a sham.” – Senate Republican Press Conference
June 25, 2019