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Kelly, Formica: Lamont plan takes your green dollars, doesn’t produce green environment
May 3, 2021
Vote & Rally Against Repealing the Vaccine Religious Exemption
April 30, 2021
Press Conference: Stop the Gas Tax/Food Tax
April 30, 2021
Stop the Gas Tax Press Conference
April 28, 2021
Stop the Gas Tax, Stop the Food Tax
April 28, 2021
Do you support a $3.2 billion tax increase?
April 22, 2021
CT Democrats Propose $3.2 Billion Tax Increase: GOP Leaders Respond
April 22, 2021
Speak out on escalating car thefts
March 31, 2021
Senate Republicans Offer Amendment to Better Protect the Voice of the People
March 30, 2021
(WATCH) It’s Time to Bring the People’s Voices Back
March 29, 2021