(Watch) Sen. Harding, CT Republicans call for election reform

April 2, 2024

(WFSB) – Election reform is a priority this year, particularly after allegations of ballot tampering in Bridgeport.

Several investigations are taking place and there is bipartisan legislation to address the problem.

But Republicans are calling for more.

What took place in Bridgeport was unprecedented.

When video surfaced showing a city employee who was also a Mayor Joe Ganim campaign supporter stuffing envelopes into a ballot box, it created a firestorm.

That video prompted a judge to order a new primary and general election.

While several election reform proposals have passed out of committee, a few Republicans feel the legislature needs to do more.

“What’s even scarier about all this is that the individual that’s been at the center of this who was caught again blatantly on camera violating out election laws was promoted to vice chair of the Bridgeport Democratic city committee,” said Sen. Stephen Harding (R-Minority Leader).

They are calling for voter rolls to be updated, a photo ID in order to vote, a one-year prison sentence for those found guilty of election fraud, and a temporary hold on ballot drop boxes.

The reform proposals, which recently got bipartisan support, include mandatory video recording at all drop boxes, more scrutiny of absentee ballots and faster processing of fraud investigations.