CT GOP Leaders’ Statement on Union Deal Pay Raises: “Reckless.”

April 11, 2024

House, Senate GOP Leaders Statement on Friday Appropriations Committee Hearing on Union Deal for Pay Raises

House Republican Leader Vincent Candelora and Senate Republican Leader Stephen Harding on Thursday released the following statement in advance of Friday’s Appropriations Committee hearing on a contract between the State of Connecticut and the State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC):

“We are deeply concerned by the decisions of our Democrat colleagues. Just a week after failing to produce a balanced adjusted budget in the Appropriations Committee, ignoring its obligation to Connecticut taxpayers, the majority party is rushing to approve pay raises for government workers that will cost $150 million in the first year alone. Union bosses get the first seat at the table in Democrats’ world, leaving anyone hopeful for spending adjustments or tax relief to contend for the scraps. This contract underscores the Democrats’ desire to use gimmicks to pay for other items, such as funding for community nonprofits, and push beyond the fiscal guardrails that have enabled us to start chipping away at the debt linked to past deals like these. By embracing the bad practices of the past, they are putting at risk the long-term fiscal stability of Connecticut. Every resident should be concerned about this reckless approach, especially considering that we’re less than a decade removed from the fiscal crisis that nearly paralyzed our state government.”