(Updated) Sen. Kelly: $$ to Extend “Living Shoreline” in Stratford

December 5, 2023

(Corrects a typo in previous version.)

For Immediate Release

Sen. Kelly Applauds Federal Grant to
Extend “Living Shoreline” in Stratford

Sen. Kevin Kelly today applauded the announcement of federal funding for a variety of projects to protect the Long Island Sound and incorporate climate resiliency measures in Connecticut. The funding from the Long Island Sound Futures Fund (which can be viewed here) includes a total of $202,300 for Sacred Heart University to initiate a project to extend an existing living shoreline in Stratford by 0.35 acres.

“This funding will help in the ongoing efforts to restore the salt marsh, protect wildlife, rebuild ecosystems, and combat the effects of climate change,” Sen. Kelly said. “Stratford Point is a beautiful place. As strong environmental stewards for the region, we will continue to work together at all levels of government to protect our shoreline and the Long Island Sound.”

The Stratford Point project will consist of a combination of bagged shell cultch and small, modular oyster castles near the marsh edge at Stratford Point. Native cordgrass will be planted in the intertidal zone at the Connecticut Audubon Society. The project will also evaluate innovative nature-based methods to stabilize and reduce erosion at the marsh and extend the marsh seaward to make it more resilient to storms and sea-level rise.

Sen. Kelly and Stratford lawmakers worked together this year to pass a new law to implement a ban on the harvesting of horseshoe crabs from Connecticut waters.