Sen. Kelly statement on Bridgeport temporary election monitor

November 3, 2023

For Immediate Release

Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly today issued the following statement regarding the temporary election monitor that has been assigned to watchdog Bridgeport’s election:

“How odd that no public announcement was made regarding such a high-profile position. The temporary monitor had apparently been on the job for two days before a news report revealed the hire.  Why the secrecy?  Why the lack of transparency?  The Secretary of the State was duty-bound under a bipartisan law passed in September to fill the two-year local elections watchdog position.  We now learn that – after five weeks of candidate searching – the temporary hire is a partisan Democrat who worked in the Secretary of the State’s Office? The temporary hire will now go along as Bridgeport ballot boxes are emptied. Meanwhile, 2,281 absentee ballots have been issued for Tuesday’s election in Bridgeport. That’s the most of any Connecticut community.  Bottom line:  Is this all just window dressing? All a big show?  Does the Secretary of the State actually think this will inspire confidence in voters – people who already think their votes don’t count?”