(Watch) Sen. Kelly: “CT Democrats promised affordable healthcare and are failing to deliver.”

August 22, 2023

For Immediate Release

Sen. Kelly: “CT Democrats promised affordable healthcare
and are failing to deliver.”

(Watch Sen. Kelly’s testimony HERE.)

Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly testified in opposition to proposed double-digit health insurance rate hikes while noting how multiple policy solutions offered by Connecticut Republicans to make health insurance more affordable and accessible have been ignored by the majority.

“Ten years after passing the Affordable Care Act, healthcare in Connecticut remains unaffordable,” Sen. Kelly said to state insurance regulators.  “After a decade of Democrat control, wherein they held every lever of Connecticut political power in Hartford and Washington, they are failing to deliver on their promise of affordable healthcare, improved quality and greater access to medical care. Healthcare deserts and health insurance premiums the size of mortgage payments rule the day, making it more difficult for working and middle class families to find, get and pay for quality healthcare. A right they deserve.

“Instead, the majority stands in the way of delivering on their promise.  The most recent example of this is the failure to pass legislation more commonly known as the association health plan which would lower premiums for small employers who are the backbone of Connecticut’s economy; hurting both healthcare and jobs.  This year, across the country the median increase is 6%, but in Connecticut it is twice that at 12%, making us an outlier. Another reason why Connecticut is so expensive.

“My message is simple:  Connecticut Democrats promised affordable healthcare and are failing to deliver.  They are long on promises and short on delivery.  Our working and middle class families deserve better.  And Senate Republicans proposed a Better Way to lower healthcare costs which included Massachusetts Republican Governor Charlie Baker’s benchmarking plan, initiatives to control drug increases and reinsurance that lowers premiums by 30%. If only there were more Republicans in the legislature, then our families would get the relief they were promised.  Until that happens, I urge you to bring the affordability that the majority has failed to deliver.”

Public comments on the proposed rate hikes are still being accepted at [email protected].  You can cc Sen. Kelly at [email protected] .

Attached photo:
Sen. Kevin Kelly testifies against double-digit health insurance rate hikes at an Aug. 21 public hearing before state insurance regulators.