FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly & Senator Seminara Stand with Home Care Providers at Connecticut’s Annual Home Care Conference

June 18, 2023

June 17, 2023

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Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly & Senator Seminara Stand with Home Care Providers at Connecticut’s Annual Home Care Conference

“Your work allows people to remain at home during their most vulnerable times. It is important for us, as legislators, to listen to the people doing the work”

ROCKY HILL, CT – Connecticut Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford) and Senator Lisa Seminara (R-Avon), along with members of the Home Care Association of America, participated in a panel discussion during the Connecticut Annual Home Care Conference. The legislators and home care providers discussed the bills passed at the Capitol and the shortcomings of the majority party when it comes to sustainable funding increases. Providers from around the state voiced their concerns about the lack of funding and legislation that ties their hands to providing quality care.

Sen. Kevin Kelly remarked on the importance of home care services. “The services you provide to our seniors enable them to fulfill what they want, which is to age in place with independence and dignity. It is so important and without you, our state could not do that,”

“I experienced the incredible value of home care as my father suffered from dementia and couldn’t be cared for by my elderly mother. He had the ability to age with dignity with quality care in his home and couldn’t have done this without your tireless work,” Senator Seminara said. “As Ranking Member of the Aging and Human Services Committees, I have seen the dedication of these professional providers who have pleaded with the legislature to see their value.”

Sen. Kelly continued, “We need a government that listens to its people and then reacts and responds favorably to what they hear, rather than a bureaucracy that tells you what to do, when it doesn’t walk in your shoes.”

“I can’t emphasize the word ‘care’ enough. The work you do is so important and should never go unnoticed. Home care providers should be able to compete regarding employment opportunities and should never have to beg for basic funding or reasonable reimbursement rates,” Sen. Seminara continued.

Sen. Kelly outlined the hurdles that home care providers overcome in caring for our most vulnerable populations. “To hear the Medicaid reimbursement rate has not been increased since 2007 is a perfect example of the legislature not listening to what the people need. Imagine not receiving a pay increase for fifteen years while the cost-of-living skyrockets. The state that has the most millionaires should not have the fourth lowest Medicaid reimbursement rate in the entire country. This needs to change, and that change starts with us.”

Senator Seminara received the “Outstanding Leadership Award” for her work to better the home care industry and make Connecticut a more friendly state to do business. “I am honored to be recognized by the Connecticut Chapter of the Home Care of America. The work cannot stop here, and I promise to continue to be a champion for those that care for some of our most vulnerable and ensure providers can continue to bring quality care to people in their homes,” said Sen. Seminara.

Senator Kelly and Seminara emphasized the importance of contacting local legislators and voicing concerns, not just during the Legislative Session.

Seminara said, “I implore you to come to the Capitol and let your voices be heard. We depend on the input we get from all of you. In my new role as Senator, I’ve learned a little bit about many topics and although I will continue to my due diligence and educate myself to the greatest extent possible. We as legislators, depend on you; the experts who live and breathe this work daily.”


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