FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Sen. Kelly Joins CT Audubon Society’s Salt Marsh Stewards to Talk Shoreline Conservation in Stratford

June 21, 2023


June 21, 2023

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Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly Joins CT Audubon Society’s Salt Marsh Stewards to Talk Shoreline Conservation in Stratford

STRATFORD, CT – Connecticut Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford) joined the Connecticut Audubon Society’s Salt Marsh Steward Program at Short Beach in Stratford to learn about their work revitalizing Great Meadows Marsh. The Salt Marsh Stewards shared their experiences working to conserve, sustain, and improve the salt marsh on the Connecticut shoreline.

The students planted over 10,000 coastal plants and shrubs around the salt marsh. In addition to planting, the crews picked up trash and assisted in the removal of Phragmites roots. Over the past few years, the Salt Marsh Stewards, volunteers, elected officials, and other partners have helped to restore the marsh into a thriving coastal habitat, birding area, and wildlife refuge as part of the Stewart B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge.

Sen. Kelly said, “I commend the Salt Marsh Stewards and the CT Audubon Society for their commitment to preserving and revitalizing the Stratford shoreline. This important work helps the environment, our community and educates people on how coastal conservation plays a vital role in our daily lives and the ecosystem. Shoreline revitalization is imperative to protecting our natural resources and sustaining a healthy habitat for our community to enjoy for generations.”

Sen. Kelly was instrumental in passing recent legislation that establishes a working group on the restoration of eelgrass across the Connecticut shoreline. Eelgrass produces five times more oxygen than trees. The legislation will help to prevent erosion of and protect nature’s most valuable and productive habitats in the marine environment.

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*Sen. Kelly represents the 21st District of Stratford, Shelton, Seymour, and Monroe.


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