How to Speak Out on UI’s Proposed Rate Increases

October 18, 2022

United Illuminating, which provides service to Stratford and Shelton, is proposing a distribution rate increase it estimates will raise electric bills about 5% each year for three years beginning in 2023, the company has told state regulators.

The 5 percent increase in the first year of the plan means the average United Illuminating residential electric customer with a $188 monthly bill would see their bill increase about $9.69 in September 2023, according to the company.

The Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) has scheduled the public hearings for the UI electric rate case. There will be four hearings, two in person and two virtual.

You can speak out by testifying in person, testifying virtually, or submitting written comments.


In Person Hearings

  • Wednesday October 19, 2022 – Edward Smith Library, 3 Old Post Road, Northford, CT 06472 at 5:30pm
  • Tuesday November 29, 2022 – City of New Haven Clerk Hearing Room, 200 Orange Street New Haven, CT 06510 at 5:30pm.

Remote Hearings

Written public comments will be accepted until the end of the public comment period, December 15, 2022.


How to Submit Written Comments:

INCLUDE the following information:

  1.     Docket Number 22-08-08
  2.     Your name
  3.     Your home address.
DO NOT INCLUDE the following:
  1.     any account numbers
  2.     phone numbers
  3.     other personally identifiable information
PURA also offers the following tips for when submitting helpful public comments:
  1. Consider including the factual basis and reasoning in the comments. When possible, support your comment with substantive data, facts, and/or expert opinions.
  2. You may also provide personal experience in your comment, as may be appropriate. Consider including examples of how the Application would impact you negatively or positively.
  3. Comments on the economic effects of the Application that include quantitative and qualitative data are especially helpful.
  4. Include the pros and cons and trade-offs of your position and explain them. Your position could consider other points of view, and respond to them with facts and Sound reasoning.


More information on participating in PURA documents can be found here:

The official notice of public hearing can be found here.

The official schedule for docket 20-08-08 can be found by clicking here.