Serving Enfield for Nearly 38 years – Chief Sferrazza Retires

March 26, 2018

Serving Enfield For Nearly

By: Senator John A. Kissel

This month I had a very special guest on Senator Kissel and Friends, my good friend Ret. Enfield Police Chief, Carl Sferrazza. It has been two weeks since his retirement, but he assures me that he hasn’t slowed down much and although he does miss the staff in the office – he doesn’t miss the late night calls from his work phone.

While the Chief had been on our show many times, on this segment we learned a great deal about his prior work on the police force and he even shared some memorable stories from his time as a patrolmen – even a story about how someone jumped into his cruiser one night because they thought he was driving a cab!

Joining the force in 1980 Chief Sferrazza was quickly promoted to sergeant in 1986, to lieutenant in 1988, to captain in 1994 and to deputy chief in 2004 until he replaced Retired Chief Ron Marcotte on January 1, 2006.

Even though he spent his entire career in his hometown, he has no immediate plans to leave the area during his retirement and commented on how the residents of Enfield have become a second family over the years – a sentiment that was evident in the work that he did throughout the community.

Chief Sferrazza is known in town for the great work that he has done within the Enfield Police Department. No matter the crisis he was always present, ready and willing to help the police officers on duty and always talking directly to the press core without a spokesperson – something that always impressed me.

I know I speak for many in our community that he will surely be missed and I want to personally thank him for his many dedicated years, serving the town of Enfield.

Tune in to watch the Retired Police Chief Carl Sferrazza talk about his almost four-decade long career, this episode is set to air on Channel 15, with upcoming air times throughout March and April, including Monday’s at 9:00 p.m. and Tuesdays at 12:30 p.m.