Stratford to Receive $1.5 Million in State Aid for Traffic and Safety Improvements Near Sikorsky

February 16, 2018

STRATFORD –  The State Bond Commission approved a $1.5 million grant-in-aid to the Town of Stratford on Friday to help alleviate traffic congestion and improve safety near the entrance of Sikorsky Aircraft.

“Improvements to this area of town will not only benefit daily commuters and employees at Sikorsky, but will also help to create safer travel conditions for all,” said Sen. Kelly. “Far too long this has been a heavy traffic area, with cars even backing up onto the Merritt Parkway during rush hour. Sikorsky is a significant regional employer and decreasing congestion around their campus is important to continue the economic development of the area.”

State Rep. Ben McGorty, who represents Sikorsky area of Stratford and Shelton, said, “A project to improve the traffic in this area has been long overdue. I have heard from daily commuters and workers at Sikorsky who have complained about the heavy traffic and unsafe conditions and I am glad to see that relief is now on the way. I hope we continue to prioritize state spending and bonding so projects like this can move forward.”

“This is an investment in traffic safety and economic development,” Rep. Joe Gresko (D-Stratford) said “The status quo isn’t working – there is significant traffic backup stretching onto the Merritt Parkway during the morning and afternoon rush hours.”

“I am glad to see this critical intersection receive much needed improvements,” said Mayor Laura Hoydick. “Not only will this project improve traffic for Sikorsky employees, residents, and visitors, but it will also help to alleviate many of the current safety concerns. I am thankful that all our efforts will lead to improved infrastructure in Stratford.”

The Stratford Delegation, along with Stratford Mayor Laura Hoydick requested the grant-in-aid to provide intersection improvements and new traffic signalization at Oronoque Lane in conjunction with Sikorsky Aircraft’s internal road and entrance improvements to alleviate traffic congestion and improve safety in the Route 110 corridor. The cost of the project will be incurred by the Department of Economic and Community Development.