North-Central Connecticut Officials Convene Leadership Meeting

February 9, 2018

(from left to right) Senator John A. Kissel, Representative Carol Hall and Representative Greg Stokes all were in attendance at the North-Central Connecticut Leadership Meeting. Please post under news – Thanks!


As session begins, my mission is no different than it has been in the past, and that is to put the people of Connecticut before all else and to make decisions that will benefit North-Central Connecticut residents.

At the end of the day the choices that have the greatest impact on our lives happen here at the state and local level. That is why I thought it was vitally important to host a North-Central Connecticut Leadership Meeting to discuss this upcoming session and challenges that our area is facing.

To me it is extremely important to meet with local leaders and I want to extend a humble thank you to the leaders that were able to join me last week at the North-Central Connecticut Leadership Meeting.

Thank you to – Donna Szewczak the Deputy Mayor of Enfield, Jim Hayden the First Selectman from East Granby, Bud Knorr Jr. the First Selectman from Somers, Bryan Chodkowski the Enfield Town Manager, John Ward the Granby Town Manager, State Representative Kurt Vail, State Representative Bill Simanski, State Representative Carol Hall, State Representative Greg Stokes and State Representative Tami Zawistowski.

As many of the leaders stated – our communities need stability and predictability when it comes to regulations and state funding, and at the state level, part of that means dealing with the state’s budget deficit. As a vocal member of the Appropriations Committee getting our state’s fiscal house in order will be one of my largest priorities this session.

Moving forward I will continue to keep my door open, not only to my constituents, but also to the dedicated local leaders throughout North-Central Connecticut. Together we can work to bring Connecticut back to its former glory and create a state where everyone can look forward to a future.

Thank you again to all of the leaders from North-Central Connecticut who came together to work to make our state a great place to live, work and raise a family.