Senator Kissel Releases Statement Re: Closing of Enfield Correctional Institution

November 8, 2017

HARTFORD, Conn. – Today State Senator and Co-Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, John A. Kissel (R-Enfield), released the following statement regarding the announcement that the Enfield Correctional Institution will be closing between the months of January and February of 2018. All Department of Correction employees will be reassigned within the North-Central Connecticut area and a declining inmate population was cited for the closure of the institution.

“I first want to commend Department of Correction Commissioner Scott Semple for taking the time to reach out to the local and state leaders from Enfield. For more than 20 years we have had a good working relationship and I am glad to see that continue with a matter that directly impacts my district,” said Sen. Kissel. “As the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee I was informed this morning that the reason this institution is closing is because of the declining inmate population. While it is unfortunate that the facility is closing, we must look to the positive point that there are less crimes taking place within our communities. I am also thrilled to hear that the Department of Correction employees will have the opportunity to be reassigned to another nearby facility if they wish. The Commissioner is also doing his best to make sure that the staff from the Enfield Correctional Institution get the shifts that work best for their schedules. At the end of the day crime rates are down and workers will be able to keep their jobs; I think this is something we can all get behind.”