Sen. Formica Receives Award for Mental Health Advocacy

November 6, 2017

Paul Acker and Kristie Barber, Co-Chairs of Keep the Promise, present Senator Paul Formica with the 2017 Legislative Leadership Award.

State Senator Paul Formica (R-East Lyme) was honored with the 2017 Legislative Leadership Award from the Keep the Promise Coalition on November 1. Formica, who shares the honor with Representative Cristin McCarthy Vahey, was recognized for his efforts to protect the rights of people living with mental health challenges throughout the 2017 legislative session.

“It is a touching honor to be recognized by this amazing group of people who have dedicated their lives to helping those who live with mental health challenges,” said Sen. Formica. “Thousands of people across our state struggle with mental health issues on a daily basis. It is something that touches all of us, directly or indirectly. It is also something that we need to talk about more. We need to eliminate the stigma, and we need to continue the conversations about how we can help people who are suffering.”

Sen. Formica was recognized for his work as co-chair of the Appropriations Committee where he strove to preserve funding for mental health services and substance abuse treatment. He has been a champion for advocates in the areas of mental health and addition services locally and in a state-wide capacity. He was also applauded for his efforts in crafting and supporting a bipartisan state budget that protects core services for those in need of mental health services.

The Keep the Promise Coalition (KTP) is a Connecticut Coalition of advocates dedicated to ensuring that a comprehensive, community mental health system is created and sustained across the lifespan. KTP advocates for spending money smarter by focusing on cost effective, preventative, early intervention and community mental health services, supports and housing. For more information