Open Enrollment Begins Tomorrow, November 1st

October 31, 2017

Did you know that in Connecticut currently 100,000 residents use Connecticut’s Health Insurance Exchange, Access Health CT, to purchase their private health insurance?

Access Health is spreading the word throughout Connecticut to encourage folks to get prepared for the open enrollment period so that they are eligible for health insurance coverage starting January 1st 2018.

This year the open enrollment period will last for only seven weeks – starting tomorrow.

There are many avenues for Access Health CT representatives to help you and your family through this process. Certified application counselors can be found at community health centers, hospitals and at your local healthcare provider’s office.

Call 1-855-2428 for assistance during the open enrollment period.

Outside of the open enrollment period there are special qualifying life events where you can enroll in health insurance here in Connecticut.

What economic or life changes are considered qualifying events?

  • Getting married to someone who is already enrolled in an Access Health CT plan
  • Having or adopting a child
  • Permanently moving to Connecticut from another state
  • Having a change in income or household status
  • Losing other healthcare coverage

To request a Special Enrollment period, please call Access Health CT at 1-855-805-4325. You will be required to provide supporting document of your qualifying life event to obtain coverage.

For more information about the open enrollment period or Access Health CT visit,