Informational: New Laws Effective October 1st

October 11, 2017


By: Senator John A. Kissel

Did you know that October 1st is one of three days of the year where legislation that passed the State House and State Senate takes effect?

In an effort to keep North-Central Connecticut residents informed I went through these new laws and picked out a few that I thought might be of interest. I also included some legislation that I worked on throughout the legislative session as Co-Chair of the Judiciary Committee.

Here’s a look at some of the new laws:

  1. Minimum Marriage Age: Connecticut was one of 27 states with no minimum marriage age. Now the minimum marriage age in Connecticut is 16 years of age.
  2. Tougher Hate Crimes Laws: This year we imposed minimum fines for certain hate crimes for example an increased penalty when someone targets a church or a religiously-affiliated community center.
  3. Rescuing Children From Hot Cars: This new law provides for a civil and criminal immunity to Good Samaritans who forcibly enter a vehicle to remove a child who is in danger – such as a young infant.
  4. Licensing of Animal Shelters: Anyone seeking to run an animal shelter in Connecticut will need a license to do so.
  5. Small Business Hotline: The state Department of Economic and Community Development must establish a hotline to provide guidance to small business owners.
  6. Accommodations for Pregnant Employees: A new law expands protections for pregnant women under the state’s anti-discrimination law.
  7. Picking Mushrooms in State Parks: Visitors to Connecticut’s state parks will now be allowed to leave with mushrooms they have picked.
  8. New Car Seat Requirements: Children are now required to stay in rear-facing seats until they are 2-years old and weigh 30 pounds. This has changed from the previous law, which allowed forward-facing seats for children 1-year old and at least 20 pounds.

Did you know that you can find a full list of newly effective laws?

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