Standing Against Connecticut Home Heating Oil Fee Hikes

September 25, 2017

State Senator John A. Kissel (R-Enfield) speaks with constituents about important issues impacting their communities.


By: State Senator John A. Kissel
As the nights get a little bit colder and we all reach to put on our fall jacket in the morning, it won’t be long before we are walking over to the thermostat to turn on the heat.

Did you know that some state officials are saying that Connecticut households that now use fuel oil and propane for home heating should be charged an additional fee?

The amount of the home heating oil fee has yet to be determined, but it could be five cents a gallon!

As my constituents, I want you to know that I strongly oppose any new taxes or fees on home heating oil.

With the holidays and increased costs in heating during the colder months North-Central Connecticut families should not have to work harder to meet another financial demand.

Additionally many are already on fixed incomes, including our seniors who have worked their entire lives to provide for their families.

Many of you are probably justifiably upset at the attempt of the state to put a new tax on CT home heating oil.

The good news there is still time to make a difference and to help stop this new home heating oil fee hike, which does amount to another tax on your hard-earned dollars.

Email your comments about this heating oil fee hike to – saying that you oppose a new tax on CT heating oil. Please also share this information with taxpayers and heating oil users so they can speak out against this new fee hike.

Please join me in standing up against this new tax.